Don Trant (Chair)

Don Trant, the Chair of Trees for Halton Hills, is an outdoor enthusiast who celebrates the wonder and the science of trees. He plants so their grandchildren will inhabit a healthy world.

Hal Watson (Secretary)

Hal Watson and and his wife Karon often witness the beauty and power of our forests while paddling through lakes and rivers or hiking along Canada’s scenic trails. With a home on the edge of Hungry Hollow, they are always close to nature.

Mary Lynn Swagerman (Treasurer)

Mary Lynn Swagerman moved to Halton Hills in 2014 because of her passion for older neighbourhoods with trees and gardens, lots of great cycling and bringing her closer to the Bruce Trail. Being outside in nature is her happy place and working towards a cleaner, sustainable environmental future is a priority.

Anita Bergsma

Anita Bergsma completed her hike of the entire Bruce Trail in 2021 in just 11 months, discovering amazing sceneries that can only be done by foot from Niagara to Tobermory. Her love and passion for hiking and nature goes way back since she was a kid, exploring the forest close to her childhood home. Anita is a tree hugger, explorer, and feels a deep connection to trees. Anita is thrilled to be apart of Trees for Halton Hills that continues to promote and encourage tree sustainability within our town that will continue a legacy of growth and purpose for the future.

Mike Elsey

Mike Elsey is a real estate agent whose secret weapon is engaging others in trees planting events. In the spring of 2022, about 125 of his colleagues planted nearly 1000 trees to naturalize a ravine in Georgetown. They created a native forest right in town!

Dan Harmer

Dan Harmer cares about food security and recognizes that only with a thriving environment can food be grown. Forests and trees are essential for food security and a healthy environment. They provide environmental stability by reducing soil erosion, protecting catchments, and regulating water flow. Trees also help to maintain soil fertility and increase agricultural productivity by providing shade, shelter, and nutrients to crops. By retaining trees on agricultural land, encouraging natural regeneration, and planting trees and other forest plants, we can increase food security and nutrition.

Mimi Keenan

Mimi Keenan cherishes her lifestyle near the Credit and the landscapes of that river valley feed her environmental passions. Mimi connects people with the homes of their dreams and knows that the natural vistas of Halton Hills make our town very special.

Don Scallen

Don Scallen writes passionately and extensively about his love for our natural environment. He shares his deep understanding with the inquiring minds of both young and elder citizen scientists.

Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds believes in the importance of parks and open space in communities. Trees contribute to the overall health of the natural outdoor experience and are a vital addition providing environmental benefit, shade and visual connectivity to nature – important to quality of life.

Ann Lawlor (Past Chair)


Ann Lawlor (Founder and Past Chair) believes that healthier urban and rural forests will help us avert the destruction of climate change. Her motto is Think Global and Act Local. Planting trees is one way we can enhance the resilience of our piece of the globe. Ann is currently the Mayor of Halton Hills

Corrina McAloon (Project Coordinator)

Corrina McAloon, Project Coordinator for TFHH is an artist, florist and most importantly a mom who wants to share environmental lessons with her kids and help create a beautiful and healthy community where they will thrive. For volunteer information or information regarding corporate plantings please contact Corrina at:


Halton Hills, Ontario